They stared death in the face

You’ve probably seen this one on the news.

The 2 free climbers who braved the Yosemite’s ‘El Capitan’ mountain.

You’ve most likely seen the stats.

It took them nearly 3 weeks to climb the mountain. They slept on beds made of ropes, hanging from a vertical monstrosity of a cliff. Their fingers were torn to shreds.  It took them seven years to plan their attack.

And then they finally were at the peak, and a new milestone was broken, for no one had ever managed to climb that cliff unaided, with only their hands and feet to pull them through.

From the outside it seemed like excruciatingly hard work.

Excruciating, had I not tried rock climbing myself.

To me, a physically fit man who works out every day, climbing a 5 meter wall with small protrusions as hand and foot support was gruelling. My forearms felt like they were on fire. Within 30 seconds I was out of breath.  Energy had left my body fast. Every muscle in my body ached.

 And no I couldn’t finish that climb. I preferred instead to suffer the ignobility of slowly making my way back to the ground, the gaze of 20 people boring holes into my back.

And so when I saw the  ‘El Capitan’ mountain climb I knew that what these men had done wasn’t excruciating.

It was impossible.

And that had made me think about David Allen’s quote, about being able to achieve anything we desire.

Is it really true…and can we really “achieve anything”.

It made me think about the average guy or gal looking to start making money online, and whether it was as hard as climbing the ‘El Capitan’ mountain in Yosemite.  And what it really takes to “make it” in the industry.

7 years preparation, extreme physical gruelling and the courage of Richard the Lionheart.

Or could it be as simple as a squeeze page, an auto responder and the willingness to talk about 2 rock climbers achieving the impossible.

Have a great weekend.

To your success

Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf

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