The Richest Man in Babylon

Ever since I stopped with my Sunday Times Subscription I re-discovered the delights of reading.

I did ask Santa for a Kindle this year, but never received it.

Luckily my Xperia has a Kindle app which means that I don’t need to buy a Kindle after all (what gives Amazon? You’re losing money!).

I’m reading a cracking little book called The Richest Man in Babylon. The author brings to life wealth creation by describing modern day financial basics in the Olden Language of Babylon.

“Pay thyself first”.

“Make thy money work for you”

“A fool and his money shall be easily parted”.

I know all of these already. But what took me by surprise was the section about luck.

Ah yes, Lady Luck. Yet again she took me by surprise.

Are we born with her? Does she attract to those who have labored to acquire skills? Does she wait for when Skills meet with Opportunity?

None of the above apparently.

It turns out we are all presented with the same amount of Luck.

Those who take up opportunities, and act when the time for acting is right, get lucky.

Those who do not procrastinate, in other words.

Do you procrastinate? Do you analyze, scrutinize, dissect and probe, until know in your stomach that this would be the right way to go….and then never take action?

I do. We all do.

But then again, maybe that’s why most of us are not lucky.

Or is it that we broke the mirror, walked under a ladder and saw a black cat cross our path on Friday the 13th.

To your success

Dan Ashendorf


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