The No BS Guide To SEO Success

SEO is one of those secretive beasts that has been the obsession of online marketers since the dawn of mankind. Especially with the event of one search engine pulling far ahead of the rest, an intense culture was born out of focusing on how to best game or manipulate Google’s search algorithms.

Now, for better or for worse – and I think for better – Google has wisened up and, through a series of updates, brought their algorithms into modernity by accounting for the factors that make a site relevant. While this is great for Google’s users, it does mean that getting our site to the top of SERPS is no longer a simple matter of going through a “paint by numbers” formula for a few days and awaiting results.

So, without further ado, here are a few ways you can ensure your SEO success in 2015

  1. Google knows what it wants, and so do you!

Google’s end game has always been about providing the best user experience.
They want to make sure that the results they display are getting people to
their desired answers as quickly as possible. While there are literally
thousands of metrics that go into determining what websites best service
the interests of a given query, a little bit of honesty about our site
can go a long way in getting results.

In every decision we make, we should be evaluating our options from a consumer’s perspective:

Not to think about our bottom line, or our conversions, or our sales funnel. Instead, figure out what decision will provide the best possible experience for people searching our niche. Have we adequately answered a question?
Will our bounce rate remain low because people want to stick around
and read what we have to say? These kinds of questions can help us
evaluate the usefulness of our site.

2. Social Indicators Are Huge

If you aren’t killing it in social media already, you’re behind the curve – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get started!  Google has been known to, since the beginning of their work as a search engine – weight links and references to sites depending on where they come from. Nowadays, social “buzz” is a metric taken into account by Google when ranking any site. Now, being an expert in your market requires you to get socially active.

Promoting your own brand and site(s) through social media can generate
natural traction providing you’re putting out good content – that Google
has no choice but to love. Well, that is, until the game changes again.

3. Ride Waves, Don’t chase Them

The best note to leave on has to do with education. Simply put, we should be researching SEO and social bloggers and thought leaders regularly. Keeping up is half the battle, and we never know which big trend we can ride to help us reach the heights we deserve

To your success

Dan Ashendorf


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