The best party ever?

I’m just back from the Marketing Summit in Liverpool UK.  Slightly sore head, a bit worse for wear, but as I always feel after one of these large networking events, my life has changed.

I’ll admit from the outset, I’m not a great traveler. With 2 kids and a nice suburban house from which I work comfortably, (did you see the Hobbit movie? you’ll get the picture), I think twice before venturing out  to a boozy weekend of untold debauchery.
And with Facebook, Skype and the other means of connecting online, what’s the point of driving for 4 hours each way, staying in an expensive hotel, getting a sore head and a reduced liver, missing a weekend with the kids and a barbeque with the neighbours?
But as you already know from the start of this message it was worth it, and in ways which I had not anticipated.
Let me break down it into the pounds & pence.
Hooking up with like minded people is a vindication of your life.
You know, the struggles, the sacrifices, the doubts. Suddenly you hang out with people who epitomise where you want to be (professionally at least). They’ve been there in the tranches, and crushed it.
Like the twenty something software developer whose earnt  $3 million in the last 2 years from one software product, and who now spends his life travelling. (the software just sells itself. Insane).
Or the guy who lives in Cambodia with his wife overlooking the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.
Or the marketer from India who has a readers list so large that he has 25 staff optimising it.
And the partnerships, JVs and business opportunities that are struck, there to change your career, lubricated by a drink or two.
Or the fact that I got to spend a few days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a rich maritime history and a beautiful cathedral overseeing the Irish Sea.
Yes this Hobbit is glad he made it out of his hole this weekend.
And now he can’t wait for the next time.


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