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Skilexa Review – what is it, and why should you care?

Every so often you get something which changes the game, and I think with this one we have such a thing.

Skilexa Review is a play on Alexa, which on its own is a play on the hottest type of search – voice search.

It’s widely forecast that voice search is going to be the dominant type of search in a few years time, and that’s because it’s extremely convenient, it removes the decision-making from us, and it’s even faster and efficient then typing a query into Google.

kilexa Review sits at the epicentre of this trend – it sends updates about any given niche to all Alexa customers or at least the ones that search for that niche.

Usually this would require a fair bit of coding but what Skilexa Review does is to remove that requirement and make the interface that much easier. In fact it’s plug and play which is perfect for anything from Fiverr gigs to even providing this service on an agency or white label basis.

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Dan Ashendorf