How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks to Your Website or Video

Beautiful lady with wordings on her side "How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks to Your Website or Video " for SEO Backlinks strategy.

Hi everyone and welcome to this video about SEO link building

Let me say from the outset that SEO backlinks is one of many factors when it comes to successful SEO

Having said that SEO backlinks is the one factor that people hold with the most esteem and so without further ado let me show you a super cool way to get nice SEO link backlinks to your store, blog or video.

This is to do with .edu links which are in high demand because educational bodies have been around for a long time, they have amazingly good content which is continuously updated – perfect for SEO purposes, and they have a lot of links pointing to them from other sources. So as you can see, .edu backlinks tick many of the boxes for SEO link building.

So how do we So how do we get a piece of the action get a piece of the action

Have a look at my review where I discuss a few cool ways to get these .edu links for SEO link building.

A note of caution – you don’t want to be buying these from various freelancing sites.  They are reputed to have a bad effect on your SEO link building efforts (is it because they are hosted on link farms? I’m not sure anyone knows, but they are a flagrant breach of Google’s terms, so don’t do it)

So let’s get stuck into it – have a look at my video and happy SEO link building

Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf