Monday, November 12th, 2018

Hi there everyone and welcome to this review of ScriptReel.  

ScriptReel is a software that enables us to create and create and download video transcriptions – a then translate them to another language.  

So imagine that you have a video in English in your niche (say dog products) – the software will extract the wording of that video into the software, and you’ll be able to make changes on that wording.  

You’ll also be able to translate that wording into over 100 languages, and also you’ll be able to translate the voice recording to these languages – so in effect you’ll have the same video, in different languages.  

This is very powerful for ranking in different countries (as most of the world isn’t English native speaking)  

Super powerful, eh ?  

Have a look at my video to see how it works in practice.  

Here are some comments from the product creator:  

a) Our transcription is better than YouTube.

b) Our captions can be translated

c) We hard burn, render the captions into the video so you can use those videos ANYWHERE, including FB and other networks.

d) color, text customisation in captions

e) you can download SRT files from YouTube I think. You can download SRT files from ScriptReel as well and import into your YouTube videos if you don’t want to re-upload existing, ranking videos.

The Funnel

What do you get on the frontend?

1. Commercial License Included ­ Create videos for clients

2. Create & Translate 500 Videos per day

3. Upload & Translate Video Of Any Length

4. Automatically Create & Add Captions on your videos

5. Automatically Add Multi­lingual Captions on your videos

6. Automatically Translate the Audio of Video into Different Language Audio

7. Convert English & Spanish Video to any language

8. Translate Your Captions into 12 different languages

9. Translate Your Video Audio into 17+ different languages

10. Cloud Based ­ Nothing to Install

11. No Monthly Payment

  • Automatically create and add captions/subtitles on any video.
  • No need to manually write captions. ScriptReel automatically transcribes audio to text.
  • Automatically match captions with timing and add them to videos.
  • Customise caption/subtitles look. Font type, color and more.
  • Translate captions/subtitles into 100s of different languages in 1 click.
  • Convert audio in any video into 17+ different language audio using Text­ to­ speech technology.
  • Automatically match new language audio with video.
  • Convert one video into 100s of different video in different languages.
  • Reach 85% of the missing audience on Facebook by adding captions to your videos.
  • Reach billions of new viewers and more traffic by targeting a global audience.
  • Google & YouTube rank videos with sub­titles higher than normal videos
  • Rank for other languages, other countries and get more traffic.
  • 98% accuracy using powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology never seen before.
  • Everyone is doing video, make your videos stand out by making video for your audience, not just to market something.
  • Connect with audience, create language personalised videos and gain their trust, converting them into leads and sales.
  • Commercial usage license included to help you make more money by translating clients videos and charging $1000s per video easily.
  • No extra money, manual­ work, creativity, or time needed unlike other video platforms  



PRO Upgrade $67

The PRO upgrade comes with tons of additional new features and usage rights for power users but at a ridiculously low price:  

Commercial Usage & Agency License  

Create UNLIMITED Videos per day  

Sub-users / Clients Access Feature  

Auto Share on Instagram & Snap Chat via Dropbox  

Connect UNLIMITED Video Site Accounts  

Developers License  

Virtual Assistant Access  

Ready-Made Agency Website with PayPal checkout and more  

Video Traffic Generation System (video training)  


VidOptimizeNeos – Agency License $67

This is a powerful easy to use video optimization and ranking software that lets you replicate the success of existing videos and automatically use the same optimization on your videos to start ranking #1 on YouTube and Google for even the toughest keyword and niches. Works for all languages and countries.  


VidCuratorFX2 – Agency License $47 / Year

VidCuratorFX2 is a powerful web based automatic video creation software that creates 100s of videos by using just a keyword. User can use VCFX2 to create 100s of videos using just a keyword, without doing anything. And then use ScriptReel to convert those videos into multi-lingual videos to dominate global market and all top spots on Google.      


SyVID – Agency License – $37 / Year

With SyVID Video Syndication, all the videos you create can now be shared on 7 different video sharing platforms and 13 different social media websites. SyVID come integrated with lots of video creation apps including VidCuratorFX and ClipsReel, so you can easily scale your traffic by 20X and get more viewers to your live and existing videos. SyVID helps you to instantly start sharing and generating more free traffic, leads and sales.    

I also have some crazy good bonuses for when you purchase from my link – see below:

More Exclusive Bonuses

Get Unlimited Traffic with Page #1 Ranking! With VidRankNeos You Are Guaranteed To Rank Your Videos And Once You’ve Done That, You Can Easy Track Your Rankings. 

 100 ready-made blogs, packed with all the content you’ll need to attract FREE search engine traffic, backlinks, visitors and buyers… Each blog comes wrapped inside a beautiful, high converting blog design and designed to work in perfect harmony with WP Dollar 3.

Whitelabel License to VidNeos AutoVideo Theme

VIDNEOS THEME takes all the guesswork out of Video Blogging and does all the heavy lifting for you, while making you tons of money from the massive video traffic that your blog will attract.. Create UNLIMITED Content Rich, Self-Updating & Auto-Traffic Video Blogs, In Minutes Without Ever Creating a Single Video!

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