How to Make Money As An Amazon Associate

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

The Amazon Associates program, one of the first and still one of the most significant online marketing systems, has been successfully joining affiliates from around the globe for over two decades. Like any other platform offering solutions to website owners and sellers, Amazon Associates is governed by its own set of simple rules and laws; in short, you advertise and link Amazon products on your site and earn referral fees for all purchases. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not if you don’t know where to begin, and never without effort.   

As it’s possibly the most powerful Internet retailer of our times, having the Amazon authority stamp on your website can only be a blessing – but money doesn’t make itself. Incredible ‘I earned millions with this software!’ stories you hear everywhere are the effect of all the hard work affiliates put into their businesses every day. So what can you do exactly to maximise the opportunity that Amazon Associates provides and see the financial gain you’re working towards? Here’s some advice.  

Choose A Niche You Know In And Out  

First tip, and one that can’t be stressed enough when making a name for yourself in the digital world. Reviewing, recommending and selling products you know nothing about will not earn you customers’ trust. Passion and expertise over greed always deliver. Pick a niche that’s narrow and unique, perhaps specific to your region or a special hobby of yours.  

Thorough research, based on Amazon’s best-selling categories, should guide you into the most popular directions. Whatever it is that you will choose eventually, make sure to embellish your new website or blog with an SEO-friendly domain name and an easy-to-navigate layout.  

Amazon Is The Word – Be Sure To Use It  

Amazon Associates is intelligent and focuses on letting you earn as much as possible, but you’ve got to make it happen. Mentioning and linking to the Amazon website here, there and everywhere will get you the best results – you can even earn a commission from a product not listed on your website, as long as the customer lands and shops on Amazon through you.  

Clickable product images, multiple links to Amazon in a review or ‘buy now!’ buttons are all good ideas. A bit of cunning goes a long way, so be smart and remember what your goal is: to make them all go to Amazon.  

Highlight Deals And Bestseller Lists  

Amazon visitors like to keep their ear to the ground, therefore deals, offers, and best-selling items should be clearly listed and visible on your website at all times or posted regularly. It depends solely on how frequently you wish to compile such comparisons, but weekly or monthly trending offers can help grow interest and prioritise certain items, ultimately leading to having better control of which products you’re selling.  

Apart from the novelty aspect of lists that feeds curiosity, customers are often cautious when it comes to buying items that have not been reviewed or backed up with a listing; it’s only natural that this is the kind of reassurance they seek while online shopping. Providing it will make your website more credible.  

Use Those Holidays Well  

Black Friday is perhaps too obvious to even be mentioned here – if you’re serious about this online business, you’ll have recognised its importance ages ago. There are, however, plenty other dates to be marked in your consumer calendar: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc. The moment the search for a perfect gift commences, you have to be alert.  

Increase activity as much as you can, promote seasonal deals in line with Amazon, post about discount codes and limited offers. People rarely save on their loved ones, which can mean higher commissions for you.      

Track Your Traffic  

There can never be much growth where there’s no monitoring of improvement. With your tracking ID and the correct tools Amazon Associates offers, you’ll be able to generate reports on earnings, traffic and trending products. This is essential to understanding your customer base and their needs, as well as keeping track of your own progress.  

Incorporate these tips into your online marketing routine, keep working hard, and you won’t have to lean on luck when running your business ever again.  

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