Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Hi and welcome to this review of Livecaster 

So what exactly is Livecaster ?

It’s new software that enables the simultaneous broadcasting of videos s “live” on both Facebook and YouTube.

Now why are Live videos so important, you might ask.

The reason for that is that all social media platforms love Live events – they are current, immediate and “happening”.  This is perfect for their audience who are addicted to live and exciting events.

And so if they can provide their audience this kind of content, then by definition they will have more viewers and ultimately revenue from ads.

Enter Livecaster  - which facilitates this kind of content.

Perfect. It’s a win win.    


Fact : Livecaster is the only livecasting app in our market that can schedule livecasting of pre-recorded videos on Facebook Pages & Profiles.


Livecaster is the most powerful and the most user-friendly livecasting app you’ll find, and it’s the only app that’s 100% Facebook approved and can schedule and livecast pre-recorded videos to Facebook pages and profiles.

The funnel looks like this-

Livecaster Pro Upgrade - $67

The powerful Pro upgrade adds more features and capabilities to Livecaster.

Commercial & Agency license for local marketers

Add unlimited Facebook Pages & Profiles

Livecast on unlimited YouTube channels

Add unlimited videos

Ready made agency site with PayPal integration

Extra VA access

VPS license for livecasting using a VPS

50 overlay and lower-third graphics pack

Capability to live cast multiple videos

2 years of free upgrade

Livecaster Reseller - $97  

Livecaster Reseller version allows your customers to sell Livecaster accounts and keep 100% of the profits.  

This is a no brainer to buyers who can get back their livecaster investments with just 1-2 sales.

Video Jeet 3 Pro - $47 / Year

Need passive traffic without investing a single cent or any time?

This powerful application lets you create 100% automated video blogs on free platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, etc.

Sitecontact Pro - $47 / Year

This powerful Facebook marketing application lets you create a list using Facebook Messenger and send direct messages to your subscribers with 100% inboxing.

I also have some crazy good bonuses for when you purchase from my link – see below:

More Exclusive Bonuses

Quick Tube Checker

Find the best titles and keywords from rival videos for your own videos. Optimize your videos in a matter of minutes and rank near the top.

WhiteLabel License to WP Personalizer

This engagement and conversion boosting plugin allows you to create unlimited personalized landing pages for your Social, Advertisement & Email Campaigns without having to build landing pages. It uses dynamic pages which means you can personalize any existing WordPress page/post by adding shortcode & simply editing the URL.

WhiteLabel License to WP Reactions

Advanced Post Type Ratings allows users to easily add a visual smilie icons rating system to any post type including custom post types.The plugin is easily configured via an admin options page, allowing quick configuration of multiple smilie icons ratings.It has Multiple rating criteria In-built three icons styles (Classic, Glossy Emoji, Dark Emoji ) for rating icons. Allows to share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ after vote. Graphical bar above all moods which shows percentage of votes.

WhiteLabel License to Fb Bar Jeet

Fb Bar Jeet is a stealthy plugin that helps you send boatloads of targeted clicks. With Fb bar Jeet you will be able to drive the traffic wherever you want it to go. Drive traffic anywhere with that you want with a sneaky fun trick. The stealthy plugin will help you send lots and lots of targeted clicks to any offer be it your own product, CPA or affiliate offer.

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