How to Make $100 a Day with Print on Demand

Hey guys and welcome to this video tutorial about Print on Demand and how you can earn $100 a day.

So what is Print on Demand?

It’s where we come up with designs in our niche and then use a fulfillment company such as Gearbubble create our products and then ship them out on our behalf

This is a great way to get started because

  • There is no inventory to hold
  • There is no competition because your designs are unique
  • It’s a fun and engaging way to start earning online fast

In this video tutorial I’ve shown pretty much everything that you need in order to get started today.

Some tricks tips hacks, how to get good images, how become an authority in your niche, and other nuggets.

I really can’t recommend Print on Demand.
highly enough.

In an ultra-competitive and saturated world, being able to create your own designs gives you an immediate competitive edge.

The other thing is that there is so much design talent around that you can really come out with some stunning graphics on the cheap and then work the magic of social media to drive massive traffic do your offers

And I did mention before not having hold inventory right?

All that is left for you to do now guys is to have a good look at my tutorial, glean out the bits that you like, delete the bits that you don’t, and start making money online.

The main thing with anything is to not hesitate, not overthink it, just do it.

I’m Dan Ashendorf and I look forward to hearing of your success stories

All the best, and bye bye

Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf

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