General vs Niche Store – which is better?

Hi everyone today we will be looking at one of the most fundamental questions that exist when you are starting out in drop shipping, and that is whether to have a General vs Niche Store – which is better?

There are pros and cons for each – I won’t get too much into it at this time, but do you watch the video and all will be revealed.

I will say that getting this wrong will have a massive impact on your business, so do make sure that you give this some thought.

Before we go any further let’s clarify what each of these mean.

“Niche store” – a store that is dedicated to one niche. So if my niche is unicorns, I’ll have various products that are to do with unicorns – cloths, jewelry, accessories, tc – all within that niche.

“General store” – a collection of products that aren’t in a specific niche – but they might be trending and popular (fast sellers).

So, General or Niche Store – which is better?

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Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf