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I’m Dan Ashendorf  it’s great to have you here. Today we’re going to be looking at something really interesting which is driving traffic and Earn Money From Quora.

Now I’ve been using Quora on and off, I have a number of Shopify stores and one of them is for plastic free solutions and Quora is really good for that because it’s all about answering questions and there are a lot of people asking questions about plastic free life and about living without pollution and that sort of things.

So Quora was a really good way for us to drive traffic, but I also wanted to touch in the fact that Quora is part of a wider trend which is content marketing. So content marketing is great for building your credibility and driving traffic and also sending links back to your videos and stores and blogs and so on, because the Internet is made up of content.

So, if we can produce a lot of good content that that’s gonna place us in really good standing in terms of getting good SEO, getting found, getting backlinks and just getting traffic. So, with that said, let’s have a look at Quora and let’s have a look at a couple of things which I have for you here.

So, let me just show you a couple of the post we put ourselves. Sorry, let me just closed down a couple of screens so you can see my wife there and she is the woman in charge. What we did is basically we found really good questions and we’ve answered it. Now, I have to say we didn’t actually do it ourselves we’ve outsourced, it didn’t cost us a lot of money to do this it was something like ten dollars. We found a really good writer and what we did is we’ve just basically posted the questions and then we’ve answered them and we had a decent amount of views on them.

So, just think about this that costs about $10 you can see here that we had 663 views. Now, we’ve got quite a few of these and the way that you drive traffic – and I’m going to show a couple more. But, the way that you drive traffic is either through dropping links in the answers themselves or the other thing you can do is when you go to the bio – and I’ll show you some examples of other people’s BIOS. But, when you go to the bio you’re perfectly entitled to leave some links here – we’ve got the online store and we’ve got Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and so on. That’s really good because it’s builds up credibility – you’ll see some of the reviews that we’ve had and that builds up credibility and get you sales as well.

So, let’s continue with this – here’s another one now with this one the title has changed I have no idea why. We left an answer about plastic free solutions you can see it’s all about that – but you can see here guys that we had a lot of views and also we have a link straight to the store. Now, what I’d recommend – I think one of the mistakes we did is we didn’t have a lead capture. So, we concentrated more on other ways of building our email list. We were doing a lot of Facebook advertising but as you’ll see in just a moment –  I’m gonna show you an example of someone else and you will see that this is really good.

So, Quora is really good for capturing leads and the other one is again you can see here what are some ways to have a plastic pollution and you can see again – so we’re getting quite a few views and if you look at our profile this is pretty much free traffic so it doesn’t take a lot to drive traffic. So, let’s see – I think there’s that kind of the overall stats somewhere. Just bear with me here for a minute guys – so you can see here that we’ve got 281 views just this month and this is pretty much passive so we’ve released a whole bunch of answers back in July and you can see that they’re just accumulating on their own without us doing anything.

We’ve only got about five or six excuse me answers in there, so this is pretty much passive traffic and it’s really high quality. I mean we were getting some good sales out of this so that’s really in a nutshell of an overview of how the system works.

I wanted to show you a couple more tricks of the trade so you need to have a strong profile. Now, let me show you this guy’s example here his name is Nicholas Cole he strikes me as having a really good – I’ve done some research before creating this video. So, this chap here – so you can see first of all he’s got a very strong call-to-action that will build up his email list. You can see he’s using graphics, so that’s really important and there is a whole bunch of information here about his credibility – as well his social media profiles which is something that I showed you that we have as well. So, you can see that this guy just kind of really uses his credibility – I’m sure there are people that are even more of that ilk but he’s just someone that grabbed my attention. So, he kind of lays down his stall here so that is kind of call to action and also building a list. So, it’s good from that perspective and I would recommend that you use some images and as I said call to action and a really strong bio if you can.

The other thing is to repurpose the content, so guys this $10 that we spent on content let’s reuse it. Put it into your blog, the presentation I’m doing at the moment – that was something that I did for another forum that I’m a member of. So, now I’m creating a YouTube video out of it – so it’s really important if we invest in content then to repurpose it. That’s gonna pay us really big dividends.

The other thing I wanted to show you is to use the power of followers. So, basically the way that this works is when we have followers it’s either our followers or people who follow a certain topic – like for example if I go with say affiliate marketing we look at that you can see that Quora tells you how many followers each of these has now. This is not an exact science but when you post an answer then generally these people will be notified. Now, I’ve done some testing on this I don’t think they’re all gonna be notified – it’s a little bit like Facebook and Instagram. No one quite knows how the algorithm works but a percentage of them is going to be notified. What is at pretty much beyond doubt is that if people subscribe to you, if they follow you, then they will be notified and again that’s a very similar to YouTube. For example, where you have subscribers to each channel then people get notified every time you post a video so you get for example an email from Gmail saying that such-and-such has posted a video.

So, as I said no one really knows the precise algorithmic process here, but generally followers of these social media platforms – they want people to be engaged with a platform. That’s how they do it, they just notify followers. This is why people follow, so that they can get relevant content into their feet. So, that’s another way – when we post answers let’s go for the ones that have the most followers and let’s try to post really interesting content so that people will start following us. Then that’s gonna notify them and then we’re gonna get lots more eyeballs on our content – that’s important.

The other thing I wanted to show you here is to get visual, so we’ve kind of touched on that when we look at the previous bio. Let me just show you a study here from buzzsumo , they looked at how many blog posts with images were shared, then they looked at how many images for how many words got the best results. So, you can see that article with an image once every 75 to 100 words got double the amount of shares of articles with fewer images. So, having images tend to get shared, it tends to get like, more attempts to get followed – so that’s very important is to be visual in this regard.

The other thing I want to share with you here is they get them to want more kind of idea. I wanted to show you this example here, so when we invest in writing an answer – we don’t want to be giving the whole farm away. We want to be leaving a taster for more information, so that people actually opt in or even purchase a product – I’d go for the opt-in and then get them onto a list and then possibly engage with them after that. But, you can see here is an example that someone has posted a little bit of contents and then to get the premium stuff you need to subscribe and this is something that everyone does. If you look at newspaper look, the Economist.com, you look at Inc or anyone who’s worth his salt online they all do the same stuff.

This is how we just do business and I’d recommend that you do the same. With Quora, what’s good about it is the fact that you can leave links – they seem to be very generous with their linking policy. So, that’s very powerful from that perspective. This one here, I’m just repeating myself so you can just ignore that if you don’t mind. But, guys hopefully that’s going to give you some ideas how to drive traffic with Quora it’s a very powerful platform lots and lots of people on it. People are very engaged with a platform and just a really really good way to do business.
I’m Dan Ashendorf, it’s been a pleasure, and I can’t wait to speak to you again very soon. All the best guys, bye-bye.
Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf