Are you using Twitter to drive traffic ? 3 Killer ideas to get you started.

Are you using Twitter to drive FREE traffic to your website?

If you do – great. You’re utilising one of the most powerful free traffic machines there is.

If not – you should start immediately. Below you will find some KILLER tips to get your journey off to the best possible start.

1.  Content Credibility is king.

You know what it means to be credible.

Have the basics covered – good Bio, appealing gravatar, decent amount of insightful content. This is not the Encyclopedia Britannica, and you don’t get paid by the word. But you do need to be credible.

Have good graphics, infographics, say something new, even if it’s a spin on someone else’s something new.  There is nothing new under the sun, and so what. We still make music, watch movies, and write books, all of which are original.

Will there ever come a time when there are no more books, movies and music to be written?  I don’t think so.

Rule number #1 – be credible.

2. Follow other people

This is a biggie.  The more people you follow, the more they will follow you.

#1 plus #2 = targeted traffic = sales.

You can either manually follow people, or you can let software do the hard work for you. I will go into more detail about various software in a different post, for now I want to keep this simple.

There are 650 million Twitter users out there, and so you would want to target the ones that have a similar interest. For this you’ll need software, and some of the best tools out there are free – and are examples, or if you want to spend a bit of money go for Tweet Adder.

More about Tweet Adder in another post.

Rule number #2 – follow other people.

3. Get your followers back to your site

Every town hall, internet forum or social network have their own written and unwritten rules. In the Twitter ethersphere that rule is “do not sell to your followers”.

I repeat. Do not sell to your followers.

So how to monetize that large list I have just built?

Answer – by getting them back to base. Base can be a website, squeeze page, or a blog.

Base in anywhere where an automated monetizing system exists.

Some ideas how to get your followers back to base:

–       A valuable freebie – an ebook, a video course, a report.  PLR is great.  Your own content is even better.

–       Interesting information about shared interests. The more insightful, and provocative, the faster they will come. Smash conventions, stir a hornets nest, be brave. Fortune favors the brave.

–       Humour. It’s an evergreen favourite.

–       Something really useful, for free.  Good examples can be found here and here.

Rule #3 – Get your followers back to your site.


I hope this gives you a good starting point for generating traffic through Twitter.

Now make sure that you take action.

Please let me know your experience with generating traffic through Twitter, I would love to hear from you!



Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf