Are you an expert in your chosen niche? Here is what you’re missing on

ExpertThey say that less than 1% succeeds as internet marketers, but I think the numbers are much lower.

It’s difficult to tell, and I am not sure anyone has exact stats, but I think the numbers are closer to 1 in 10,000. Or even lower.

Why is it that people find it so difficult to succeed in what essentially should be an easy business? We all have access to the same tools – PCs, the spoken word… the internet is here for us all to use….online commerce is growing at an exponential rate, and there are so many hungry niches with ready to buy products…

What is it that makes the very few folk successful, and most folk fail?

I have been obsessing about this question for quite some time now…I feel that if I could codify the formula I would be able to teach it to others, let alone use it for my own business…

I have had success online, especially in selling physical products, where my company sells more than $1 million worth of goods per year. But selling physical goods is not the same as selling information products (as an aside note – I do sell “how to” DVDs, mainly in the area of health & fitness, but I am referring to downloadable info products in the context of this article – an area where I am nowhere near to selling $1 million…yet !)

I can therefore only go by my observations about other successful folk. And also by my own business…what is that made it successful…what did I do right, where others failed?

And so here it is…the key to success, the secret sauce…remember you saw it here first 🙂

People buy from experts
If I had to codify the world of information products, this will be the first and most important observation I would make.

People buy results – to their problems, needs and aspirations. For this, they spend time reading the material of, buying the products of, and being mentored by, experts.

Most people refer to this as Value. Gurus. Specialists. It all boils down to the same thing. Credibility and track record to make a change in people’s lives.

Are you an expert in your field? Do you know what your field is? I can guarantee that if the answer to one of these questions is “no”, than you will not be making serious money online.

You and me both, that is.

Successful experts have a prominent online presence
This knowledge which the experts have is always visible – through articles, podcasts, videos, products, mentoring programmes, forum posts…they are everywhere…

You may know this already, but internet marketing is not a shy man’s game.

Successful marketers are confident, and they are willing to have their work, and their selves, very very visible. Those who started their lives shy, had to step out of their comfort zone.

Ok, this is more than just focus.

There is a tendency in business to look for short cuts. I don’t think its laziness. There is nothing stupid about it. I think it’s concentrating on, and believing in, short term gains.

Heck, we all need money, and we need it now.

No other industry has a larger incidence of short cuts than the internet marketing industry.

What if I was to tell you that there are no short cuts. Would you think I’m a negative sod who is out to rain on your parade?

If someone told you there are no short term (i.e. less than 6 months) gains when starting an online business would you believe them?

Successful marketers work on their business – creating great content, distributing it, monetising it – instead of looking for push button short cuts.

Any profitable business takes time and effort to set up. It’s hard work.

Should we all be doing the same?

To your success

Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf

Dan Ashendorf