How to become a YouTube mogul

Hi Dan
I read an article recently about a guy who is making a killing on YouTube.
(each of his videos has multiple million views)
His “niche” ?
Reviewing Chicken Takeaways.
His Channel is called Chicken Connoisseur, and here is his “recipe” (forgive the pun) for getting millions of views on YouTube.
1. Niching down –  Elijah Quashie (that’s his name) didn’t try to tackle the whole restaurant trade.
He went for a super targeted niche – chicken takeaways –  and one which has a huge user base.
This is true for most eCommerce ventures – often times we try to tackle too wide a niche, when there is no need for it.
2. He has engaging videos – humorous and well edited.
Now, you may ask yourself “how can I make a video like this?”
And the answer is
(a)  Smartphone
(b) Outsourcing
I speak from personal experience –
I recently made a stunning video for my upcoming launch – which cost me $25 to outsource on Upwork.
3. He is adding real value –  much needed reviews for a product that is consumed en-masse.
And that’s it….
An under-served niche…
Engaging videos…
Adding value…
Job done.
(we can also rank the videos using the many methods I covered on this very newsletter – this will help with an initial traffic boost)
And we stand a good chance as anyone to “make it” as a YouTube Vlogger.
To your success
Dan Ashendorf
Knowing is not enough; we must apply.


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